Quick and Nimble Scenes

Quick and Nimble Scenes - Volume I

This is a versatile collection of theatrical pieces that encompasses various genres and languages, each of them being a short but extremely simple scene. Each piece includes detailed information on possible staging suggestions, as well as descriptions of the characters involved. Through this selection, it is possible to find monologues, dialogues, and diverse groups of characters, all ready to be used as a tool for the application of specific acting techniques proposed by the course director.

These pieces were produced as a way to experiment before an audience and inspire actors and authors to share their own creations. With their flexibility, these pieces are ideal for actors, theatre students, directors, and instructors who are seeking material for presentations of complete stories in a more compact format. In short, this collection is an excellent tool to help put together small complete plays.

If you are a director, instructor, or leader of a theater group.

... this book must be with you.

In it, you will find. For beginner actors

For the Training or for the Experiment

Acting Students

Beginner Actors


In Brazil, only the Kindle version is available for R$ 15.00. In the European Union, United States, Canada, Japan, and the United Kingdom, the printed version is also available. (Access the Amazon website for your country).

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