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Here you will find his books, plays, production history, online projects and a little bit about him.

Leisure, Wine and Restlessness

Avoiding social events (and networks), busy schedules and

unnecessary sress, William Fernandes has lived to create books, music and plays; produce theatrical shows and musical concerts.

Today he also works as a jazz pianist and psychoanalyst.

What Can You Do Here

If you have already been part in productions by William Fernandes, you can find records of Stage Plays with images and clippings of your interest; if you are interested in dramaturgy, you can find his Plays and Projects online; if you like reading adult fiction, you can purchase his books, you can also see the Groups and Activities in which you may have participated and you can schedule an appointment at your remote service office.

Gustsholf is the bar where William Fernandes performs weekly, located in Pulschwitz, Saxony. Only with reservations:


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Short and Agile Scenes for Theater Students

These are a variety of genres and languages of theatrical scenes; always short and extremely simple. All with staging suggestions and character information. Monologues, dialogues and a set of diverse characters; all ready to be used for the application of specific techniques presented by the course director, for the experiment in front of the audience and, hopefully, to inspire actors and authors to share their creations. Whether you are an actor, theater student, director or instructor, this collection of shor plays will certainly be a valuable tool for assembling complete short stories. SEE MORE


"Stimulus" talks about the complexity of sexuality and its taboos. The story is set in the beautiful city of Berlin; the old Hotel Imperia, the bucolic psychoanalytic office and the Dark Net. Although it speaks of the constant dissatisfaction of living, which puts man in a continuous search for new stimuli and for great purposes for living, "Stimulus" is an affectionate story, of simple and pleasant reading. SEE MORE


Two men meet at a wake. Two men with absolutely nothing in common. The night is long, rainy and they are both hiding something. With simple language, a humor accessible to the average audience and, even so, with charismatic characters, this play can be a great show to be presented to a lay audience, more accustomed to the cinematographic language that you want to conquer as a theater audience. SEE MORE


Comedy that can be staged by three or more actors. Ideal for Drags and actresses with strong comic veins. There are eight scenes; eight mothers and many wigs. All of them, in a very affected way, fill the stage with their neuroses, exuberances, cruelties and martyrdoms. SEE MORE

Theater with Children

This book brings together material to be used in theater pedagogy both in the classroom and in free theater courses for children and youth. Each scene is commented and accompanied by suggestions of laboratories and debates on the content of each text, also a variety of theatrical games with detailed instructions on the use and application of each of them. SEE MORE



Stroll through the slides and, if you wish, access the page with image files, history and other details that may interest you.

Albatross Cultural Center

Founded and coordinated by Fernandes from 2011 to 2015

Center for artistic activities, film club, bar and theater on the edge of the Atlantic in the city of Peruíbe. About 2,400 people benefited from this initiative, including students from the arts courses, the audience of the shows and film club goers.

Peruibe Film Festival

Conceived and realized by Fernandes in 2014

First Peruíbe Film Festival. Gathering around 30 films by national filmmakers

Madrigal de Palmas

Conceived and directed by Fernandes from 2001 to 2009

Vocal group that popularized a capella, classical and jazz, Bossa Nova and Rock music in the State of Tocantins.

CIMA Theater Studio

Founded and Coordinated by Fernandes from 2007 to 2010

First independent theater in the capital of Tocantins. She added several free activities and courses such as: vocal technique, musical initiation and musical theater.

Tocantins Symphonic Choir

Conceived, directed and conducted by William Fernandes from 2002 to 2010

Um marco na história da cultura do Estado do Tocantins, o Sinfônico trouxe multidões ao teatro para ouvir Bach, Beethoven e Carl Orff .

CIMA Theater Group

Conceived and directed by William Fernandes from 1996 to 2010

With permanent members Fábio Garcia, Cecília Arienti and William Fernandes himself, the Cia de repertoire added other actors to its productions, such as: Alessandra Catanzarro, Iva de Oliveira and Kaká Nogueira and Rafa Lester.

Theater for Youth

Implemented and Coordinated by William Fernandes from 2001 to 2015

This action took theatrical activities to the school space. Ulbra and Colégio Marista were two institutions that hosted this important project for about four years.

Theater Research Center

Theater Research Center

Implemented and Coordinated by William Fernandes from 1996 to 2014

Workshops, laboratories and theater studies for young people and adults. This is the activity that stitched together all the others and from it emerged actors, new groups and new productions.


TITLEGenrePublicBook VersionFirst EditionAvailable in PDF
There is Tin in the WoodsPedagogicalChildrenNo1998 – São Carlos/SP BrazilYes
The Tucan Who Knew Too MuchPedagogicalChildrenNo1999 – Sesc Interlagos/SP BrasilNo
Who Discovered Brazil?PedagogicalChildrenNo2000 – Sesc Taubaté/SP BrasilYes
Laboratory - Deadly WindsMusical ComedyFreeNo2002 – Palmas/TO BrasilYes
The kidnapping Roseline BrownMusical ComedyFreeNo2003 – Palmas/TO BrasilYes
Trashrella - The Public Enemy MusicalChildrenNo1999 – São Paulo/SP BrazilYes
The Adventures of Peggy and Bob in the Fakeland MusicalChildrenNo1999 – São Paulo/SP BrazilYes
The Adventures of Piccolo's in the Brass OrchestraMusicalChildrenNo2013 – Lageado/TO BrasilYes
Christmas at The Tropical StreetMusicalChildrenNo1998 – São Paulo/SP BrazilYes
Tales and Sounds from the JunglesMusicalInfantilNo1998 – Taubaté/SP BrazilYes
TronusMusicalFreeNo2001 – Palmas/TO BrasilYes
BrucellosisInstitutionalChildrenNo2008 – Palmas/TO BrazilNo
The Pig and the MiseryInstitutionalFreeNo2014 – São Bernardo do Campo/SP BrazilYes
CablesExperimentalAdultNo Written in 2018 – Not yet assembledNo
ProvidenceExperimentalAdultNo Written in 2013 – Not yet assembledNo
What Now Phobia?ExperimentalAdultNoCompleted in 2019 – Not yet assembledNo
LeapDramaAdultNo2000 – São Paulo/SP BrazilYes
Delusion and DogmaComic DramaAdultNoNot yet assembledNo
Brazil Post - The phenomenon of Herd BehaviorComic DramaFreeNo1999 – São Paulo/SPYes
A Mother a DayComedyAdultYes2008 – São Paulo/SP - BrazilPurchase through Amazon Brazil"
A Long and Wet Funeral NightComedyAdultYes2012 – São Paulo/SP BrazilPurchase through Amazon Brazil
Short and Agile Scenes I
Snapshots of Real Life
ComedyAdultSim2008 – Palmas/TO - BrasilPurchase through Amazon Brazil
The LemonComedyAdultNo1994 in Würtzburb/GermanyNo
A Matter of Point of ViewComedyAdultNo1994 in Bad Brückenau/GermanyNo
CheatersComedyAdultNoNot yet assembledYes
Clash of GodsComedyAdultNoNot yet assembledYes
High at Emergency ComedyAdultNo2008 – Palmas/TO - BrasilYes
HauntingsComedy FreeNoNot yet assembledNo


(At the moment only in Portuguese. Translation is been made)

Theater and Play Writing

All About Play Writing and Theater

In a simple and direct way, this free access site shows how to write and stage a play, in addition to presenting themes such as “Work in Progress”, “Post-Dramatic Theater” and “Contemporary Technologies in Theater”. Members have access to numerous theatrical texts and can still post plays of their own.

Arts, Philosophy and Psychoanalysis

Courses in Arts, Philosophy and Psychoanalysis

Together with partners William Marcos (Brazil), Michel Chahade (USA), this is a teaching platform. It provides training and extension courses in various segments of the arts and human sciences.

Teatro e Dramaturgia

Science and Humanism

With the collaboration of Reginaldo Almeida, William Fernandes is the mind behind this site of humor, alert and invitation to reflect on the damage that dogmas, beliefs and superstitions have been causing throughout history to this day.

Centenas de Memes

Teatro e Dramaturgia

Arts and Psychoanalysis Video Channel

A bilingual channel just for goodies. Collections of videos produced by William Fernandes and some compilations extracted from cinema masterpieces.