WIlliam Fernandes

"I do not accept the idea of splitting people in groups of good and bad; there are those we like and then come the others."

I decided to include here a bit of my personal life and some of my own thoughts (always in black), because there are those who like to know who the author is and what he thinks.

The Landing Page text as well as in this page (always in white), were written by the journalist and friend Stephan Holdsworth, who has supported my work through the years.

What is private should remain private.

No Bar Gutshof, onde toca aos fins de semana - 2021

William Fernandes leads very private life, away from social networks and meaningless social events. He lives with his partner, whom he has been married to since 2009, in a remote country house in Saxony, Germany.

He knows that what matters in life are friends, the people we love, and being a good person; but in case of the impossibility of being a friend, loving and good – with his partner, privacy, wine and dogs, then he will be fine only with his partner, privacy, wine and dogs.

“To take others too seriously, is dangerous. To take oneself too seriously, is pathetic and amusing.”

To laugh at oneself is the talent of disarming critics and “bitches”.

"With the wide spread of network technologies, we guessed that human beings would also evolve. However, this did not happened; people only began to expose themselves more, to think that the whole world cares about where they are and what they are eating; people also learned to type with their thumbs while pretending to participate in a conversation. In other words, we only became more ridiculous, vain, and distracted."

Roller cart, kite, bicycle and music.

(Esq.) Ulisses Lopes, Roberto Lopes, Luís Ricardo, William Fernandes e King.

He was born in Brazil, in São Paulo, in the neighbourhood of Santo Amaro. There, alongside his brother Luís Ricardo, he learned all about kites, marbles, skate carts, bicycle gangs, loyalty to friends, and betraying enemies whenever possible and mercilessly.

"Formatura" do pré-primário. Recebendo o diploma da professora Elisabete.

“He was educated at the Adventist Institute of Education; there he made good friends, he learned to find his way to the Public School of Music of São Paulo and learned all about the Bible, Adventism, and Christianity, which led him to make a spiritual decision at the age of 12: to remain an atheist.”

“The more convictions, the more likely you are to leave a super fun party feeling offended.”

“I am an atheist because, no matter how emotional the testimonies may be, there is no evidence of the existence of gods. Gods die when their worshippers stop fearing and praising them. It has always been that way.”

Família e Artes

Luiz Fernandes e Zenaide de Freitas
(Esq.) Luiz Ricardo Fernandes, William Fernandes e Zenaide de Freitas

Fernandes has artists as parents:  Luiz Fernandes, a police investigator who used to record his voice reading poetry in his spare time. Dona Zenaide, a loving but controlling and impartial mother, who enjoyed throwing parties, composing music, loved literature, and was fond of decorating her home and gardening.

Dona Zenaide´s first Painting - 1998

The couple divorced at a time when divorce was taboo, like abortion is today. She married Mr. João Batista, a top-quality Bahian who helped restore the family values that were almost lost through the separation, and stayed with him until she passed away in 2012. One unrecovered loss was that Dona Zenaide despaired during the divorce and joined Adventism. Even so, she never lost her artistic talent for painting and her enjoyment of wine.

"Until the 90s, being seen in public holding a camera and taking a selfie was a sad and tacky scene. After the 90s, this is no longer considered sad."

Happiness is in a postcard.

Red Sea - - 1992
At a stop in the Negev Desert, near the Dead Sea in 1992.

This BS led him to a seven-year adventure in search of happiness through Turkey, Israel, Greece, India, Jordan, and Africa. Happiness was not found, for it cannot be found in one place. The problems followed him, but, nevertheless, he enjoyed himsilf and gained rare experiences that have great influence on his creations.

"O Gabinete do Dr. Caligari". (Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari) Alemanha, 1920

The passion for cinema and literature led him to collect films and books. It’s an ancient habit. When he was a pre-adolescent, he accepted challenges from his great friend Humberto Raimundo de Souza, about who would read more books in a month and then tell the story of each book to the other. Cinema was already in his head: in the images created by the director/reader of each book. Today, he writes the books he wished he had read but never found.

"Travelling, I noticed that the Anglicization of a native language is a phenomenon that occurs in impoverished countries, ad among the most annoying people in these countries."

Garden, Wine and Irish Setters


Passion for wines, cinema and literature is only surpassed by the love for animals. If he could, he would have them all at home, but since it is impossible, he has what he consider the best dog breed in the world: the Irish Setter.

Baco - Caravagio

“He has gained many friends throughout hundreds of productions and adventures, as well as many enemies. But to paraphrase Bette Davis on enemies, Fernandes says: ‘…they all served me very well, thank  you.’

Realistic about the gloomy future of the world, he understands that life makes no sense at all; “Life is meaningless”, says he,  “it is up to us individually to give particular meaning to this universe indifferent to our existence.” He gives meaning to his life by sowing: books, music, shows, films, tomatos, doubts, laughs…”

"Speaking with extreme honestly can initiate a beautiful friendship; it can also put an end to it."
"Social media doesn't appeal to me. I've tried some, but as a psychoanalyst, I deal with the exposure of each patient's neurosis, narcissism, loneliness, traumas, vanity, embarrassments, dreams, fears, and fetishes. Why on earth would I, in my free time, enter an environment where everyone is doing precisely the this?"
"I find the bible of christians to be a poorly written, confusing, contradictory, bloodthirsty literature, full of bad examples, plagiarism, fantasies, and deceptions. It might be appropriate for a bedside table drawer in a highway hotel or in a penitentiary, but never in the hands of children or in schools. Anyone who disagrees probably hasn't read the whole thing carefully."
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